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The Moneypoint SDL comprises 280 hectares, 53 ha of which is in addition to the existing Moneypoint Power Generating Station and is located on the Shannon Estuary five kilometers east of Kilrush. There are a number of pockets of deep water in this area.


 Development Considerations

The site is a major hub for electricity transmission with a 440kv Transmission station, connecting into the National Grid System. The  SDL also includes land and coastline adjacent to the existing  Moneypoint plant, owned by third parties. The SDL is located within  the South west Zone in the Mid West Regional Planning Guidelines,  indicating potential for growth in commercial/regional facilities for  Foreign Direct Investment and indigenous industry, enterprise and culture. The Guidelines indicate that the potential of the Estuary must be harnessed, even at locations outside existing settlements.  The SDL is located adjacent to the River Shannon and River Fergus  SAC and Lower River Shannon SPA. Significant development opportunities can be delivered without a  need for major capital dredging activity. There are potential  synergies for the development of marine related industry and  renewable energy. The SDL is close to the mouth of the Estuary with  excellent transport linkages including direct access to sea traffic.  The lands are well connected by the existing road network.   Services  
  • Power available via a 440, 220 and 110kV lines which run directly  from the site
  • High voltage submarine cable running from Moneypoint to Kilpaddoge on the opposite side of the Estuary
  • The Galway to Limerick high-pressure Natural Gas pipeline (70 bar pressure) is located approx. 1.0km upstream from the site, a spur from the main pipeline would be required to bring gas to the site.
  • Readily available potable Water Supply to the site
  • Upgrade required to the existing Waste Water Treatment Plant in
  • Kilrush High Quality Telecommunications with two broadband services providers in the area

Key Features

  • 280 hectares of zoned land available for development. 53 ha of which is in addition to the existing Moneypoint Power  Generating Station
  • Directly opposite Tarbert SDL which contains a Power Plant Hub, including NORA Strategic Oil Reserves
  • Accessible Water depth of 20m+
  • A considerable area of hinterland available in close proximity Direct access to the N67 national primary route
  • This SDL benefits from both statutory and policy support at local and National level.
  • Moneypoint is an existing, strategically important energy hub, with the 915 MW generating station distributing electricity through a a network of 400, 220 and 110kV power lines.
  • Already home to significant maritime infrastructure including a large commercial jetty currently accommodating vessels up to 250,000 tonnes DWT.
  • At full output, the station consumes approximately 7,000 tonnes of coal per day around two million tonnes a year with all imports through the commercial jetty.

Contact Details


Clare County Council

Brian McCarthy

Senior Planner
Planning and Entreprise Development
Co. Clare

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