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The Steering Group and associated working groups of the Strategic Integrated Framework Plan for the Shannon https://www.rossitchpediatricdentistry.com/buy-depakote-online/ Estuary have published a number of documents and reports that you can download as PDF files.


Please use the relevant links to find the documents you need.


Strategic Integrated Framework Plan


Download Volumes 1 – 3 of the SIFP

Volume I [PDF, 17MB]

Volume II [PDF, 5MB]

Volume III [PDF, 21MB]


Download the Environmental Assessments associated with the SIFP

Natura Impact Report [PDF, 22MB]

SEA Environmental Report [PDF, 59MB]

SIFP SEA Appendices A-B

SIFP SEA Appendices C-G



Environmental Reports

The Use of Areas of Opportunity for Renewable Energy as Potential Tidal Energy sites in the Shannon https://sdarcwellness.com/buy-valtrex-online/ Estuary by Bottlenose Dolphins

The Use of Deep-Water Berths and the Effect of Noise on Bottlenose Dolphins in the Shannon Estuary [PDF, .5MB]

SIFP Bird Data Review May 2016

SIFP Bird Data Review – Appendices

SIFP Bird Data Summary

Bird Usage Survey of the Shannon Estuary (Interim Report Dec. 2017)

Bird Usage Survey of the Shannon Estuary (Appendix 1 & 2)

Bird Usage Survey of the Shannon Estuary (Appendix 3) (Please note that Appendix 3 is a scanned version due to file size restrictions on this site. The original can be requested through the contacts section of the web-site)

Bird Usage Survey of the Shannon Estuary (Appendix 4)


Other Downloads

Use of deep-water shipping berths by bottlenose dolphins in the Shannon Estuary [PDF,1MB]

SIFP Natura Identification and Rating of Bird Areas [PDF,1MB]

Identification and rating of important areas for Bottlenose Dolphins [PDF,1MB]

Port Economic Impact Assessment Study August 2016

Wetlands Study Loophead Penninsula 2016-2018

Marketing Materials

Strategic Development Locations Marketing Brochure

SIFP Factsheets-Russian (?????????????? ????????? ?? ???????????????? buylexaprousa.com ? ?????????? ??????????????)

SIFP Factsheets-Mandarin (????????)

Shannon Estuary Marine Investment Opportunities (Promotional Film)

7th Ornithological Research Conference November 2017

Bird Usage Survey of the Shannon Estuary Conference Poster Nov.2017