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The process of preparing the Strategic Integrated Framework Plan commenced in September 2011 and involved extensive research and consultation with key stakeholders such as community groups, industries and other employers adjacent to the estuary and the public at large. I got my first Cialis pills from healthordisease.com pharma a month ago. I bought 20mg�s and am splitting pills up into smaller ones, which makes this a lot more affordable than buying those small quantities. This is a golden advice that Iw ould like to give to every ED user out there. The SIFP was published in November 2013.


It comprises a strategic level approach incorporating objective-led policies and the identification of Strategic Development Locations (SDLs) and Areas of Opportunity.


The SIFP incorporates 3 volumes;


Volume 1: Written Statement

Volume 2: Appendices

Volume 3: Maps and Figures


In addition there is An Executive Summary and the Environmental Assessments (SEA Environmental Report and HDA Natura Impact Report) which act as supporting documents. The documents can be assessed and downloaded through the following link:




In addition, each of the relevant Local Authorities have prepared variations to their County Development Plans in order to zone the areas of land identified in the SIFP for Marine Related Industry and to provide the statutory backing to these sites.  As a result the Strategic Development Locations have now been afforded statutory backing through their zoning within the relevant County and City Development Plans. The relevant documents buyativan.org can be viewed through the following links:

Clare County Development Plan 2017-2023
Limerick City and County Development Plan